Traders Solution

Flexible Trading

Trade and implement any strategy with flexibility and instant execution like never before!
  • Fast execution
  • 3 execution modes
  • Stop Loss and Limit Profit orders

Advanced Charting

Analyze the market and perform all trading actions from PacForex’s advanced charting system.
  • Monitor market trends in real time
  • Integrated one-click trading directly from the chart
  • Apply any indicator on the go
  • 9 timeframes and unlimited number of customized charts

Advance Watch Lists

  • Monitor instruments and symbols with advanced watch lists or Quote Boxes in your Front Office – accessibility like never before.
  • Customize and edit the symbol and volume for each watch list/box
  • Quickly navigate through the list as and when needed
  • Check the changing status of each list and quote box in real time
  • Place and customize the order right from the quote boxes

User Friendly Interface

Style your Forex system, play around with detachable charts, drag and drop and customize your Forex platform as you want. All of your settings will be saved automatically!

Advanced Technical Analysis

Detect trends and patterns, consisting of various indicators on symbol charts for identifying trends and allowing you to analyze the market at any level of complexity
  • Forecast the future price dynamics
  • Define market entry and exit points
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels

Extensive Instrument List

Our Forex software for traders provides you an extensive list of 65+ Instruments to diversify your trading options!

IB System

Key Features for IBs are:
  • View detailed information of their clients trading
  • View their own earnings in real time
  • View a detailed breakdown of their commissions
    for each trade
  • Export important information to other application

Market News

Get latest market news on your system and stay alert with all the financial trends to make informed business decisions

  • Financial information
  • Different market news and conditions
  • Timely notifications