The Most Traded Currency Pairs in the Forex Market

For every trader, the question of which currency carries the biggest volume of trade in the forex market remains to be a question of great interest. Although some opt to trade with exotic currencies, the safest to trade still happens to be the most traded currency pair. The reason, experts recommend trading common pairs is because of the room of profit they carry for their volume and stability, research, support and cost.

Containing the largest pool of currency, and its strong position in the financial world, USD works as a major driving force behind many economies. While Euro being the currency of world’s largest economies collectively is ranked as the 2nd biggest currency of the world. This is the sole reason for the pair EUR/USD to be standing as the most traded pair in the forex market. Because of this nature, the pair is also used for beginners to practice.

Where EUR/USD is the most commonly traded currency, USD/JPY is the 2nd most traded pair in the world. Both US and Japan have been trading partners for years and are also the major superpowers of two different regions that are the West and the East in the world. This reason has also helped both currencies in establishing themselves as strong units against each other. Most commonly known as the “gopher”, this currency has the capacity to reach a peak to a stable place or fall quite low to put the currency in a volatile place that makes it one of the most suitable pairs for trading.

Known as “cable”, the pair GBP/USD is the third most traded currency in the world. Before the dollarization of the economies, it was the GBP which was set as the world’s standard currency. Therefore, the two share a significant history together. The other reason that the pair holds a value for traders is the GBP’s low liquidity, due to this fact the pair contains a great scope of profit for those trading this pair.

Keeping in view the need for currency pair’s extreme viability, we have designed an infographic to help our trader clients with the relevant information of the most traded currency pairs.


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Most Traded Currency Pairs in the Forex Market infographics

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