Core of the System – PacServer

Save your money on server hardware, administrators and maintenance. Bene?t from our extremely stable and ef?cient cloud server and bring your business into the modern era. The core of the system is based on latest cloud technology ensuring robustness and instant scalability.

  • Top of the line and scale-able cloud servers
  • Multi-layered security from server level to network level combined with instance security with DDOS prevention system 
  • Secure and encrypted communication protocols; all connections are SSL secured
  • Servers Located in multiple Data Centers in 3 continents including EU, USA and Asia ensuring faster routing
  • Offering robust disaster recovery plan; in case of any failure, all requests will be immediately routed to the replica servers taking care of any redundancy
  • All the settings will be automatically saved on the server and can be retrieved anytime
  • Full back-up of the system every 24 hours, seven days a week and complete transaction backup after every hour
  • Dedicated superior bandwidth with sub millisecond latency
  • Auto scaling and unlimited scalability options
  • 24/7 Technical Support