We, at PacForex, are dedicated to deliver latest and competitive trading technology to financial institutions and retail brokerage firms around the world guided by our unyielding focus on our principles to discover, design, develop, and deliver quality and higher standard products.

As the forex and technology industry is constantly changing, our services and products evolve with a greater speed to adapt and innovate enabling you to be at the forefront of the industry.

To keep your business growth exponential, we have invested great amount of resources in building a powerful and complete trading solution so that you worry less about the technology and focus more on your business strategy. We’ve got your back with quality services and superior support to ensure your success.

PacForex has a global presence with a network of partners and affiliates majorly in Europe and Asia. Our core team consists of industry professionals with a vast experience of management, technology and forex industry – perfect combination to support you right from the start. We are constantly driven by our commitment to provide our clients the best of the services in the industry.

Why PacForex

Reliability and Security

• Highly available system with 99.9% uptime
• Real time streaming of prices for forex markets
• Secure and encrypted communication protocols
• Powerful disaster recovering strategies and backup
• Robust alert system in case of any threats or attacks

Choose the best technology

• Scalable Cloud Infrastructure and data centers across the world
• Proprietary software; no third party intrusion
• Capable of running on low internet bandwidth connection
• Available on all screens; from mobile to desktop and web browser
• Mac version is also available
• No bridges required; plug and play system!
• Multiple liquidity options; we integrate the Liquidity of your choice via FIX

For Higher Business Growth

• Taking care of your technology needs so the focus is more on growth and retention
• Robotic trading platform to enhance your client base and volumes
• Enhanced user experience for better customer retention rate
• Commission and reward based structure for streamlining your business and customers

Best Support

• Regular software updates to keep up with the time and needs
• Back and Front Offices with Algorithmic trading all in one package for the same f ee
• Pre and after-sales support to ensure you are getting the most from your Pac Forex   Solutions
• No additional hosting or staff required for the product deployment
• 24h support from our expert engineers